Visit Finland on its 100th birthday in 2017

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A complete Travel Guide on Finland answering why, when, where and what to explore in the land of thousand lakes and midnight sun.
Finland in winter. Pic by Antti Pietikäinen

Northern Lights sighting in Lapland, Finland. Pic by Antti Pietikäinen

Immigration officer: So you are going to Norway?
Me: No Sir, Finland.
Immigration officer: Same thing, na!
Me: No Sir, Finland is different from Norway.
Immigration Officer: Haven’t seen many Indians going to Finland. Whats’s so special?
Me: There’s a lot to see in Finland like Northern Lights, Santa’s Home, 188,000 lakes and Reindeer Safari among others.

The above conversation affirms how little we know about Finland, the Nordic wonderland sandwiched between Sweden and Russia. But we are in for a change in 2017 as Finland celebrates its centenary of independence with yearlong celebrations. There can’t be a better time than 2017 to visit. Before you take off, let me take you on a virtual Arctic Safari of the Arctic nation, whose resident is the most famous resident of the world – Santa Claus.

Here’s a complete Travel Guide on Finland answering why, when, where and what to explore in the land of thousand lakes and midnight sun:


1) Offbeat yet well organized

Finland is often overlooked for its Scandinavian neighbours, and that’s what makes it an ideal destination for discerning travelers. Queues, jams and crowds are alien words here. The unspoiled vast expanses of wilderness like no other. Finland might be wild but it is well geared up from all-included-safari style packages to compass-and-map DIY adventures.

2) Natural Wonderland

When I first looked down from my Finnair plane, I saw an endless carpet of forests snuggled under a white blanket, speckled by picture-perfect lakes as if an artist flicked a blue dipped paintbrush on a white canvas. Finnish dreamscapes are a treasure trove for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts like me.You name it and Finland has it – from having some of Europe’s best hiking trails to adrenaline pumping activities like cross country skiing to kayaking to glacier walking to Aurora Borealis hunting to Bear-watching

3) Four distinct seasons

Nature in Finland seems to be a fashion aficionado. Four times a year it changes its wardrobe completely– colour, light, temperature, sounds and smells. Everything changes mystically in a way that happens nowhere else.

4) Family Friendly

Staying at Holiday Club Resorts Finland, I noticed how conscious Finns are about family wellbeing – from having separate kids beds to special kids cutlery to Angry Birds Park to personal saunas. Kids are the VIPs in Finland.

Angry Bird Park for kids

Angry Bird Park for kids

5) Finnatastic Education

There is no better place than Finland to expose your kids to world’s best education system, which draws educationalists from around the world to learn its secrets. There are no private schools in Finland. Even the Prime minister’s children in Finland need to enroll into a public school.

Pic by Jussi Hellsten 

Pic by Jussi Hellsten

6) Affordability

One of the reasons why Finland is still not hot on Indian tourists radar is because of being perceived as expensive. But thanks to Club Mahindra, even that barrier has vanished. Enjoy the 100% pure Finnish escapades at INR rates. (Details at the end of the article)


The country has four distinct seasons that transform the white snowscapes to vibrant colourscapes in just a few months. Temperatures vary considerably from -30°C in winter to +30°C in summer. The best time to visit Finland depends on what you’d like to experience:

  • For plenty of snow and winter activities, December to March is the best time.

    Husky ride in winters. Pic by Hannes Becker

    Husky ride in winters. Pic by Hannes Becker

  • For springtime sun and the revival of nature, April to May is the period.

    Kiss the gentle Spring Sun in Finland

    Kiss the gentle Spring Sun in Finland

  • For long and warm summer days and plenty of events, June to August is the time

    Enjoy the Summer Festivals, Finland

    Enjoy the Summer Festivals, Finland

  • For autumn leaf colour, visit in September-October.

    Witness the explosion of colours in the forests and the fells in Autumn, Finland

    Witness the explosion of colours in forests and fells during Autumn, Finland

The Finland you encounter will depend on the season you visit, but whatever the season, the fresh and pure air will detoxify and rejuvenate you. Like a dotting dad, Finland will spoil you with choices. You’ll have countless reasons to enjoy every season.

Here’s an infographic on the seasonal activities you can enjoy in Finland:


I am guilty of arriving in Finland without going through its highly impressive resume. No wonder, I was left awestruck with its versatility and contrasts. The design capital meets remote Lapland. Nordic style gurus rub shoulders with Reindeer herding Sami. Midnight sun plays musical chair with perpetual night. Rock festivals compete with majestic Aurora Borealis. Finland’s menu is anything but bland. However, one trip is not enough to taste the entire multi course meal. You’ll keep craving for more.

Northern Lights show in Lapland, Finland

Northern Lights show in Lapland, Finland

Finland is best relished through slow travel but stopover holiday is second to none. Just choose your region and enjoy your unforgettable Finnish experience. With a “tip to toe” length of over 1000 kilometers, Finland is divided into four main regions:

Four Regions of Finland


Welcome to Santa's home - Lapland, Finland

Welcome to Santa’s home – Lapland, Finland

When I was a kid, my parents gifted me a snow globe from which snowflakes would fall whenever shaken. I would go off to sleep dreaming to wake up in the snow globe. After decades of waiting, Lapland finally happened.

Oulanka National Park, Finland

Oulanka National Park, Finland

The Narnia like mysterious region is the country’s northernmost province, home of the one and only Santa Claus, midnight sun in the summer and almost guaranteed Northern Lights every night of the winter.

Midnight Sun in Lapland

Midnight Sun in Lapland, Finland

I was fortunate to experience the remote wilderness of high fells, hoarfrost-clad forests, arctic adventures of cross country skiing, reindeer safari, husky safari, snow mobile ride, snow shooing and heart-to-heart conversations with the Sámi, western Europe’s only indigenous people who inhabit the Arctic.

The Sami of Lapland, Finland

The Sami of Lapland, Finland

Husky Safari in Lapland, Finland

Husky Safari in Lapland, Finland

Top 5 things to do in Lapland:

  1. Experience the wilderness of extremes from twilight to the nightless night
  2. Doze off under the Northern lights in a glass Igloo
  3. Go on no ordinary winter’s ride with Huskie or Reindeer
  4. Have you ever written a letter to Santa? Now be his guest and tell him in person
  5. Throw yourself into the local life amid the power of nature and get to know the Sami culture


Lakeland by Vastavalo : Reijo Nenonen

Lakeland. Pic by Vastavalo : Reijo Nenonen

Lakeland is the largest lake district in Europe. The blue labyrinth of lakes, islands, rivers and canals is so important in Finland’s culture that it became a part of the identity of the Finnish flag. With over 188,000 lakes it is no secret why Finland is called the land of thousand lakes.

Lakeland, has more lakes than land therefore it’s a crime not to get out. Per Mikko, my local friend,

Seasons are for couch potatoes. Finns love to stay outdoors in every season – paddle up with their families in summers and go ice-skating or ice fishing in winters. Every Finn has a countryside Lake cottage where their weekends and holidays are spend.

Finnish Cottage life. Pic by Hannu Holopainen

Finnish Cottage life. Pic by Hannu Holopainen

I visited Lakeland when it was a solid mass of ice on which I jumped, skated and did ice fishing. Even -10°C didn’t feel cold. I was just happy walking on the Saimaa Lake, one of the largest lakes in Europe.

Frozen Saimaa Lake

Frozen Saimaa Lake

Top 5 things to do in Lakeland:

  1. Rent a cottage in Finland’s most idyllic and scenic location
  2. Spot the endangered freshwater seal
  3. Photograph Brown Bears in their natural setting – at night
  4. Forage for berries and mushrooms
  5. Visit the Savonlinna Opera Festival


A Summer Cottage at Finnish Archipelago

A Summer Cottage at Finnish Archipelago

Finnish coastline is long and the archipelago off it one of the world’s largest. The Finns love to be close to water almost as much as they love trudging deep into boggy forests picking berries and mushrooms.

Like Lakeland, this region too boasts of wooden summer cottages – decked with saunas – gazing out across the Baltic. The area is best explored by bike, foot or sailing boat/kayak. Island hopping with camping is a great way to experience the area, as is staying in small seaside B&B’s and hostels in old wooden towns like Rauma or Hanko. Unfortunately this was one area that I couldn’t explore. There’s always a next time.

Top 5 things to do in Coast and Archipelago:

  1. Go island hopping by bicycle in the world’s most beautiful archipelago from Turuku to the Aland islands
  2. Go sea kayaking among 20,000 islands and skerries
  3. Spend a night on a lighthouse island (Uto Bentskar)
  4. Catch the biggest pike and perch in Archipelago
  5. Dive and discover underwater trails in the Archipelago National Park


Helsinki might be the younger sibling to the Scandinavian capitals, but it’s the one that went to art school, enjoys Rock music and works in a cutting-edge studio. The vibrant city of Helsinki is where more than 450 years of history and tradition blend seamlessly with contemporary design and trends.

The Temppeliaukio Church is completely quarried out of a rock and thanks to its excellent acoustics, it is a popular place for holding concerts

The Temppeliaukio Church was quarried out of one rock and thanks to its excellent acoustics, it is a popular place for holding concerts

Just as architecture makes Manhattan, people make Helsinki. Not only the climate but even Finns are cool – although a bit quiet and reserved. If you dig deeper you’ll see they are warm, friendly, hospitable and especially honest people.

Helsinki is best discovered by strolling through the thoroughfares or riding a tram. This pocket-sized city hooked me with its unhurried attitude, gourmet food delights, renowned museums, East-meets-west-design cathedrals, flourishing design and cultural scenes and self-deprecating sense of humour.

Trams are the lifeline of Helsinki

Trams are the lifeline of Helsinki

The cozy and compact city is buzzing with life and there’s always something going on in Helsinki every day of the year. And 2017, the birthday year of Finland, is surely going to be a mega celebration time in Helsinki.

The Helsinki Cathedral is among the most prominent buildings in the city

The Helsinki Cathedral is among the most prominent buildings in the city

Top 5 things to do in Helsinki:

  1. Visit the iconic Helsinki Cathedral, Orthodox Church and the Temppeliaukio Church
  2. Walk in Kallio, a neighbourhood full of cool bars, cafes and boutiques
  3. Shop for local delicacies from the food halls and markets followed by rejuvenation at the neighbourhood Saunas in the city
  4. Take a daytrip to Porvoo, Finland’s second oldest city
  5. Go for a picnic in one of the Archipelago islands

The best way to experience the untouched wilderness and culture of Finland is to become a part of it. Hope this Complete Travel Guide on Finland inspires you to travel to Finland and be a part of ‘Finland 100’ celebrations!

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Read more here: Finland with Club Mahindra 

  1. I was in Finland on Club Mahindra and Visit Finland invitation. Everything expressed above is based on my personal experience and conversations I had in the country
  2. Images used are either shot by me or provided by Visit Finland with due permissions
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  • Nisha says:

    Lovely post Archana! I found myself nodding in agreement on almost everything. 🙂

    Wish we had two more days in Lapland…. because after two days people saw northern lights!

    • Thanks a lot, Nisha. This trip was made special because of the company I had. Totally loved exploring Finland with you.

      And yes, it would have been wonderful if we could have stayed for two more days 🙂

  • Wow, how wonderfully written and well organized. Outstanding piece. I was in Finland a few years ago during the winter months, I can attest it’s a fantastic country to visit !

  • Swati says:

    Lovely article Archana. Covers all that Finland has to offer. Its on my wish list and I will make it happen soon 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, Swati. I am glad you found it useful.

      You are one of my most cherished engaged reader. I absolutely love interacting with you. Thanks a lot for being a constant support in spite of not having met each other ever.

      I guess that’s the beauty of having a shared passion 🙂


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  • Sumit kumar says:

    Wonderful summary .. kudos to the writer

  • Riely says:

    It seems that Finland shares many similarities to Ontario, Canada with it’s gorgeous seasons, winter wonderland, and the thousands of lakes.You represented Finland so beautiful with your majestic photos. How can you possibly choose what season to visit! I want to visit during every seasonal change. And I grew up staying outdoors in every season. I would love to visit Lapland and Lakeland. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Riely,

      You are right, Canada and Finland are similar in lot of ways. I am so glad you liked the article. Just like you, I too love staying outdoors and absorbing beauty of all four seasons. Hope you get to travel soon to Finland.

      BTW i would love to read about your Canada travel experiences. Could you please share some links?


  • What an awesome post Archana, I love how detailed it is. I hadn’t actually thought of visiting Finland but your post has changed my mind – I’d love to visit during the winter months, your photos are stunning! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi,

      I am so glad you liked the post. Guess the best form of appreciation is when somebody could relate what you have written about. I am so happy to know that the post could positively impact you.

      And yes, you must visit Finland in winter. Like I said in my post, it’s like a fairy tale Narniaish land.

      Hope you get to travel soon to Finland.


  • Nevin Mathew says:

    Great piece of work and an awe inspiring story of the neverland that makes any reader search for the next air ticket.

    • Hi Nevin,

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      Looking forward to a continued support.

      Hope you get to travel to Finland soon.


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    • Hey Elise,

      I am so glad my article could change your perception. A reader’s heartfelt appreciation is what keeps the writer going.

      Thanks a ton for liking it.

      And you must visit Finland. You’ll instantly fall in love with it 🙂


  • Rana Sabeh says:

    Oh. My. Goodness! This post and the amazing photos make me want to move there! Well if it wasn’t for the snow lol….Finland is definitely on my travel/bucket list (in the spring/summer). I bookmarked this post so I could refer to it when I do finally go – such an excellent resource! Oulanka National Park is a must see!

    • Thanks a lot Rana for making an effort to read and share your feedback on my article. Finland is definitely worth visiting. Still one of the places where wilderness is still alive.

      If you need any help in planning your trip, please feel free to contact 🙂

  • Ali Rost says:

    Wow .. I’ve never been to Finland. Although after reading your post .. I’m thinking my husband and I might have to change all of that. It seems magical. Thanks for sharing it with your readers!

  • Harshit says:

    Wow! This post is so detailed. Finland was never in my consideration. Now this makes me want to visit Finland. Specifically Lapland. I would love to know more about your experience with the Sami people.

    Keep inspiring. Keep traveling.

  • This is one awesome post. Detailed and very precise. I am flipping and bookmarking this for sure. Finland is such a dreamland I want to go especially to Lapland 🙂 and meet Santa

  • Hendrik says:

    Haha I love your introduction with the immigrant officer 😀
    And I love your post and photos as well – it is just one big beautiful love hymn to Finland. So many detailed tips and information that you give here and it shows excellently the diversity and pure beauty of this amazing country. I still missed Lapland and the Northern lights, need to see this with my own eyes, at least also thankfully because of your inspiration!

  • Igor Mozek says:

    This is great. Really. I wanna follow you. I’ve been to Swedesh Lapland, we are writing about that now, but this post is so full of details. Great!

    • Hey Igor,

      Thanks a lot for your lovely words. I am so glad you liked what I wrote.

      I too have to write on Lapland. I would love to read your experience. Can you please share the link here?

  • I visited Tromso/Norway last year in February and I did exactly the same things. Aurora Borealis was great, unfortunately the dog sledging I had to do it by night (so no photos), but the Sami culture I loved it. I didn’t even know that this ethnic group still exists.

    • Ohh that’s nice to know. Nordic countries are pretty similar but still there are so many differences. Every country is worth visiting, provided we can afford it :p

      Lapland was my favourite and yours?


  • Gracie says:

    This place is just heaven for every landscape photographers! Thank you for this guide especially about when and where to find Aurora Borealis! I

    • I would totally agree with you for Finland being a heaven for landscape Photographers.

      Also, I am glad you found the article useful. Hope you can use the information provided when you visit Finland.


  • Danielle says:

    Would love to go!

  • Gareth says:

    Finland has been on my bucket-list for some time and as you mentioned, it kind of was the perception of how expensive the country was that put me off. And, as a Brit, I don’t get to take advantage of the Club Mahindra offer you mentioned which is a shame considering all the various forms of beauty Finland displays throughout the year. Better start saving those pennies I think!

    • Hey Gareth,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. It’s really sad you can’t take advantage of the Club Mahindra offer but there’s no harm in checking with them. They have properties across India and Europe. Maybe they have some deal for you. Also, you’ll get benefit of currency exchange 🙂

  • Marlies says:

    Beautiful pictures! I haven’t visited Finland yet but I would love to! I would love to experience it in the winter but I am a bit of scared of the cold. haha.

    • Hey Marlies,

      Thanks for reading the blog and sharing your comment.

      Trust me it doesn’t feel so cold once you are there because you are always doing some or the other activity.

      Go Visit Finland. You’ll love it just like I did 🙂


  • carla says:

    I really loved my short visit to Helsinki during one of my long layovers in Vantaa Airport. I had a great time walking around and I visited that white cathedral too. I wish I can visit and see the rest of Finland soon too.

    • Isn’t white cathedral gorgeous? I loved it’s minimalistic architecture.

      Hope you get to see the rest of the Finland. It’s a very beautiful country. I am 100% sure you’ll fall in love it it 🙂


  • Veronica says:

    You know, I also come from a country that many people refer to as Russia, and we are not! So whenever I hear someone referring to any other country as to smth else, I get very emotional about it.
    Thank you for bringing this up. Finland is sooooo amazing and beautiful!

    • Hey Veronica,

      First of all many thanks for stopping by and sharing your comment. And yes, Finland is a very beautiful country, which is so unique and people must know about it. BTW Which is your favourite part in Finland?

      And where are you from? I would love to know more about your country.


  • Christina says:

    My goodness there really is soooo much to see in Finland. So many different landscapes it seems to be a magical country. Especially Lapland in the winter. That is what struck my interest the most. I think I am ready to book my trip to visit Santa and his reindeer, but maybe I will wait for when I have kids. I always had the perception that Finland was expensive like Norway, but it is a relief to hear that it is not. The only thing I fear now is the cold. Time to start building a thick skin! Thank you for a very thorough post about everything Finland has to offer.

    • Hey Christina,

      Thanks for sharing your generous comment here. I am so glad you are looking forward to visit Finland. It’s a very beautiful country and you must visit it. You’ll completely fall in love with it.

      And don’t worry about the cold. It doesn’t feel so cold when you are there. There’s always some or the other adventure activity to keep you warm and don’t forget the Finnish Sauna 🙂

      Hope you get to travel to Finland soon!


  • Kathleen says:

    I’ve never been to Finland but it looks and sounds fab! Great post!

  • Oh my GOD! The pictures are so beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go to Finland. 🙂

  • neha says:

    Your post is so detailed, it can be almost my guide to visiting finland. I love the place, have heard so much about it that I have been pushing it up my bucket list. The norther lights, the beautiful snow covered landscape, the family friendly places are all so inviting.

    • Hey Neha,

      Thanks a lot for such a heartfelt feedback. I am glad you liked it.

      Finland is a totally family adventure land. You must visit it irrespective of whether you are married or not 🙂


  • Julie Cao says:

    After reading this post, I just want to hop on a plane heading to Finland now, and take few month off there just to explore and simply enjoy the Spring and Fall season. I do not mind to visit there in winter also, and view the beautiful Aurora Borealis and do the ice fishing. How amazing it is the beautiful Saimaa Lake actually makes you forget about the cold.

  • Ellis says:

    I love your extensive guide on Finland. i had a childrens book on the Sami and since then its been a dream to visit Lapland. Your post only inspires me more to visit this country.

  • Veronika says:

    I always wanted to go to Finland, it looks like a Christmas fairytale. I did read about the hotel made of ice, which should also be a great experience.

    • Hey Veronika,

      Finland is really very beautiful in every season. Yes, you are right they do have an ice hotel. Also, have you heard about igloo?

      Hope you get to travel soon to Finland 🙂


  • I was there just last week. Such a beautiful country. Also, your photos are excellent!

  • Absolutely great post on your trip to Lapland! Stunning photo’s! Well done!

  • Finland looks stunning. I still have very little information about this country, but after reading your post, I’m very intrigued. Would love to explore more.

    • Hey Punita,

      I was in the same boat as you were. But I was really amazed by the beauty and adventure of Finland. It’s one of the most underrated country in Europe. And thanks to Club Mahindra, it isn’t going to be expensive too.

      So do give it a try next time you plan your European holidays 🙂


  • Nicky says:

    It sounds like a wonderful country to visit and very family friendly which is important if you have kids! A really informative article, thanks for sharing

  • Harsh Gupta says:

    Why wouldn’t Finland be on every traveler’s wishlist! It looks like one dreamy country – simply surreal! Would love to visit asap!

  • clare says:

    I visited Helsinki in Setember last year. Its a great city though it was starting to get a little cold. I would love to visit the rest of the country though and do some hiking, though maybe a little trip in winter would be great too.

    • Hi Clare,

      Hiking season usually starts in Summer. It’s beautiful to trek in this country where 70% of the land is forested and where anyone can collect berries 🙂

      Hope you get to travel soon to Finland.


  • Melanie says:

    This trip looks awesome!! Getting to be there on the 100th birthday?! Such a special treat! That Angry Birds room looks so awesome!! I may not be a kid, but I would want to play too!

  • Such a beautiful country! I loved learning more about it through your thoughtful and informative post (and the pictures were gorgeous too).

  • What a great article, very detailed. I always wanted to visit Iceland and Sweden but had never considered Finland. The country looks beautiful and summer music festivals would be great!

    • Hey Nicole,

      That’s a case with everyone. Iceland and Sweden are big brothers who capture all the limelight but that’s what makes Finland so special. It’s a gorgeous country worth exploring in every season.

  • Louiela says:

    Impressive, brief and well-summarized guide for Finland… This blog just gave me all the reasons to explore Finland… Thanks… I appreciate the effort for putting all of these..

  • Igor Mozek says:

    We visited Lapland and now we are inspired to visit Scandinavia again in the summer! All those events and festivals seen really tempting. The Northern Lights, tundra forest, lakes, and winter activities amazed us!
    Check out our blog about dog sledding:

    • Isn’t lapland wonderful? I read your blog about dog sledder. It was quite interesting.

      Like you I too wish to return to Scandinavia in summers. Must be so good. I would love to read about your summer experience as well. looking forward to that.

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